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Zoom Connection Instructions Part 1 (Desktop/Laptop)

Updated: Apr 11, 2020

These instructions will help you to login, Join a Meeting, or Host a Meeting from your Electronic Device. If you have any difficulty you can also click here for a user guide in greater details or simply contact:

Bro. Honeycutt-justinhoneycutt83@gmail.com

Bro. Deckard- mddeckard1209@yahoo.com



1.1.1 Click on this Site.

1.1.2 Click on the SIGN UP, IT’S FREE button (as shown below).

1.1.3 Once you click on the SIGN UP, IT’S FREE button it will bring you to this page (as shown below).

1.1.4 Place your email address in the Box above.

· You can also sign in with Google or Facebook.

· If you are already signed up just Sign in.

1.1.5 Once you have added an email address in the Box.

1.1.6 You will receive a confirmation that will be sent to your email (as shown below).

1.1.7 Log into your email and Press the Activate Account button or copy and paste the HTTPS-link in your web browser (as shown below).

1.1.8 After the Activate Account button has been pushed, it will bring you to the Sign In page to complete your activation (as shown below).

1.1.9 Add your password and confirm it. Then press the Continue button (shown above).

1.1.10 Once the confirmation has been completed then you can Join a Meeting, Host a Meeting, Schedule a Meeting or Invite someone to a Meeting (as shown below).

1.1.11 Start you meeting by pushing the Start Meeting Now button or copying and pasting the HTTPS link in your web browser.

1.1.12 Most of the time you as a user will just press the Join A Meeting listed at the top of the screen to be apart of a group meeting.

1.1.13 After you have Joined A Meeting, then you will add the Meeting ID Number from the Host of the Meeting in the Box and Press the Join button (as shown below).

1.1.14 After in the meeting then press either the Phone Call or Join Audio by Computer (as shown below).

1.1.15 You can also press the Start Video button to allow the other users to see your face.

1.1.16 You are also able to chat with other users, invite people to the meeting, share your screen, or leave when you are ready.


These Instructions will also work on IPADs, Samsung Tablets, or any other Electronic Devices but may need some additional steps or options added.

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