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Two Questions from God

We are in the middle of the biggest test of our lives… our lives. It is inevitable that we will all stand before God one day. No one knows exactly what that will look like, how we will feel, or exactly how it will go. We do know in some form or fashion God will be asking us two questions:

· Did you meet the plan of salvation?

· What did you do with what I have given you?

Prompted by “The Purpose Driven Life” by Rick Warren, I have recently been asking myself how I will answer those questions. Am I prepared to answer? Relating it back to my school days, have I been reading the book, studying and preparing myself, or have I been winging it and hoping I slide by?

How would you answer the questions?

Have you met the plan of salvation? Have you repented, been baptized in the name of Jesus, and received the Holy Ghost?

What have you done with the talents, gifts, opportunities, and a resources God gave you?

If you have any questions or hesitation, I strongly suggest signing up for and attending the discipleship courses Brother Deckard is putting together. They will help you equip your life to answer these questions.

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