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My Life Testimony

My Testimony - Justin Honeycutt


I come from very humble beginnings. One side of my family was probably one of the poorest in Greene County Indiana, and that is saying something. While I personally did not struggle for needs, it taught me that to get what you want, you have to work hard. I have always been a very motivated person. I have always felt like I have had something to prove. I felt like I needed to prove my worth and show I could make something out of myself. As I grew trying to prove myself, my life revolved around creating a perception or a persona to live up to. I fell into a bad habit of seeking approval and trying to show what I had accomplished. I was always living for others and never living for myself.  


As you can imagine, the constant feeling of trying to prove my worth and live up to an image

that wasn’t me was a miserable existence. Because of this I never knew who I was, what I truly

wanted or what my purpose was in life. I became easily persuaded by anyone who would show me approval and attention. This pursuit of acceptance and living by emotion led me to rock bottom. I was on the verge of losing everything in life and no idea who I really was or why I was on Earth.  


After hitting rock bottom, I looked around at people I knew that were truly happy. They were all in church. They didn’t seem to care what other people thought, they lived their life, and they were happy. I decided I needed some “Christian influence” back in my life. My intent was to go to church, get my moral compass fixed and try to live better. However, at first, I thought we should try counseling. My wife and I visited a marriage counselor, which I had always been against; however, in my situation I decided to finally open up. We went and I poured out my soul in front of this stranger. The response was not what I was expecting. Instead of being a loving understanding person with all the right words and the willingness to see us through, he said “I don’t believe you, you are a liar, its hopeless and I don’t want to work with you.” I was devastated. I had nowhere else to go. I was truly at rock-bottom.  


At this point I had nowhere else to turn. I knew God was the only hope. I decided that if I went back to church, I was going to fully turn my life over to God. I hadn’t been all that successful with it, so why not see what God could do? This was not just a “try and see” moment, I jumped in with both feet. I needed a life change and I only knew one way to get it. Suddenly I no longer cared what anyone thought. I cut off all social media, I stopped hanging out with old friends, I stopped watching shows and movies I used to watch and listening to the music I used to listen to. I no longer wanted to have any image. I just wanted a changed life.  


For the first few months everything a preacher would say hit home. Every song was a song

about my life. I was still dealing with issues and going through the roughest part of my life, but for the first time ever I was at peace. I knew nothing mattered but serving God. The more I gave him, the more he gave me. 2018 was a year of change for me. A year of complete turnaround. 2019 was a year of total blessings. God has changed my life in so many ways. I am truly blessed. 

Until 2018, life was miserable. I was drifting aimlessly, struggling with money, relationships, and purpose. Starting 2020, I am not perfect. I am still dealing with the scars of the mistakes of my past. However, God has blessed me beyond measure. I still have my family. I have been awarded a once in a lifetime career.  We live in twice the house we used to. My wife is able to stay home with the kids. I have a complete sense of contentment and happiness with the direction of my life. I am blessed to be the Men’s Ministry Director at our church and have a great church of Men to serve God with. My life in just under 2 years serving the Lord is better than I ever thought it could be in my wildest dreams. I am thrilled with what it is doing for me and my goals in life now are what I can do for Him. I thank God for what he has done for me. My life is my testimony and if He can do it for me, He can do it for anyone.

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