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Mark Manley

My name is Mark Manley.  As most everyone knows, I am a recent leg amputee.  My “adventure” began on July 17th , 2019. I had a diabetic ulcer on the second toe of my left foot and it had become very difficult to walk. My son had taken me to a doctor (not my primary care physician) and I had only received pain medication and was sent home. 

My wife was annoyed with this fact, and told me she was taking me to Bloomington Hospital to get it checked.  I was admitted that night, and thus began a barrage of tests and a couple of MRI's.  As I lay there, not sure what exactly was going on, I was getting sicker each day and my foot and lower left leg was filling with infection.  After nearly two weeks of no improvement, and now being diagnosed with MRSA and staph infection, my wife told the staff to transfer me to Methodist Hospital ASAP.  It took three days for Methodist Hospital to get a bed available.

On July 31st I was transported to Methodist Hospital.  The following morning the surgeon came in and examined my foot and leg and without hesitation advised me I was going to surgery for a debreedment.  

After returning from recovery,  Dr. Szatkowski informed me and my wife that the tissue and muscle had rotted due to the infection. Also, the infection was up into my fibula, the bone in my leg, and chances were I was going to lose my leg. Horrified at this news, I asked if there was any way to save my leg. He said they could try another debridement in a few days, but that proved futile. I begged for yet another chance to save my leg, but he was going away and Dr. Gasky would be taking care of me over the weekend. He asked me if it could not be saved if I wanted them to move forward with the amputation. I reluctantly told them to use their expert judgement. Later that day I returned to my hospital with one foot and partial leg


After two weeks at Bloomington Hospital and two weeks at Methodist Hospital, I was then transferred to Rehabilitation Hospital of Indiana (RHI) for therapy. With many, many prayers from various churches and numerous saints of God, I was making a miraculous recovery, and graduated from therapy after only one week. Then it was time to go home. I had to try to figure out a “new normal” after being gone so long and with such a drastic change in my life.

I received my first prosthesis on October 10th , and then received my third and current prosthesis around Christmas of 2019. 

After being without a salary from July to September, and then only on short term disability until November 4th , our finances were depleted. While at RHI, my checking account balance was $325 overdrawn where several bills had gone through. I called my credit union but they only removed two of the NSF fees and forwarded my call to a supervisor’s voice mail. A few minutes later the supervisor called me back and sympathized with me for what I had been through and removed nine NSF fees totaling $270. I was able to cover the small negative amount after that.

To date, my hospital bills exceed $555,000, including a $15,000 prosthetic leg, with only $2700 owed by me.

At the time of my being admitted to the hospital, I was attending Danville Apostolic, but hadn't had any contact from the pastor.  Pastor Ron Hawkins came to visit me while in Bloomington and Methodist both, and that's when God revealed to me that Bro. Hawkins was my pastor, and TPAC was my church. 

I am so thankful to God for everything He has done for me. Many would look at the amputation as a setback, and in some ways it is, but it's also a ministry. For someone who may be going through the same battle, I have the words and the experience to help them, as well as invite them to an incredible church with an incredible pastor. 

Thank God for being there, thank God for sending Pastor Hawkins to visit me, and thank God for TPAC.  I am truly blessed.

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