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Is God Your Superhero or Friend?

No way around it, superheroes are cool. They show up just in the nick of time and save the day in miraculous ways. All guys are wowed by superheroes. We read about them as kids, we watch shows and movies about superheroes, we grow up imitating them. Superheroes are cool! The grown men who dress up as them are not… but that is neither here nor there. Superheroes are a billion-dollar industry because everyone wants one.

What about a friend? Sounds kind of boring doesn’t it? Everyone is one and everyone has at least one. In the Facebook world, "friend" has become someone you know of, met once, or possibly went to the same school as… kind of lame. The friend I want to talk about is a true friend. The type of friend as defined in the Bible. The Bible says, “sweet friendship refreshes the soul”, “there is a friend that is closer than a brother”.

We all know God is more than a superhero. To put it in nerd speak, he has all powers rolled in to one. Not only that, but he created the heavens and the earth. God is better than a superhero, the most amazing thing, is he wants to be our friend…A true friend.

I have said all this to say, how are we treating God? Are we the average citizen going about our business until tragedy strikes before we call on our superhero god to save us? Or are we truly seeking Gods face and wanting to know him? There is a big difference between knowing about God and truly knowing God. God wants us to know him. God wants to know us. He wants a that relationship with us that sticks closer than a brother.

So I ask, is God your superhero, or your friend? If God has been your superhero, it is great you know him and believe in him, however, it is when you truly put in an effort to know him, THAT is when he will show up on the scene and change your life. If we want to change our lives, our city and the world, let's bind together as friends and seek God as our closest friend.

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